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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Still Bored?

Take an online typing test!

Try or

Right now, the score to beat is 91 WPM (my current fastest score). 50 Artful Procrastination Points if you can. Currently, I'm trying to beat my previous record (from about two years ago), which was 118 WPM. Sadly, I don't think I can. But if I can, I'll award myself 100 Artful Procrastination Points.


Al said...

For a fun procrastination why not try to come up with meanings for the strings of letters they use to verify comments like this.
For example I have to type in "salmit" to submit this comment.
Hmm, Salmit...
Salmit - the submission of salt tax under the Raj in India.
Or Salmit - a submission designed to arouse salacious thoughts.
See endles possibilities for procrastination.

PrettySiren said...

lol I've often wondered what the verification codes could be. A lot of sites make you type the titles of books, but Blogger is different. I have noticed though, that some of the words are nonsense whereas others are actually obscure words in the English language.