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Saturday, June 27, 2009

How I've been procrastinating?

I've been watching The Mighty Boosh. A lot. I'm addicted.

That said, you can also watch The Mighty Boosh. But, if obscure British humor isn't your bag, I suggest you watch Peep Show. Wait. That's also full of obscure British humor (though, admittedly, to a lesser extent). Still. Watch both of them. Ten artful procrastination points to you if you do! (And the points really add up! Just ask people who've collected them.)


AmberInGlass said...

Wait, wait, wait. There's a point system?! Who has points? I want points. What are some of the rewards I can get for my points. Is it like the ticket system that arcades run, because if so I totally want a googly-eyed pencil topper!

Cicily said...

Uh, yeah, I don't have a point system either! How many points do you score for spending your day talking with rappers on Twitter? Does talking with Q-Tip give me negative points? LOL. Nice blog babe and thanks for following my schtuff too! If you want a great place to escape to this fall, consider my retreats.



PrettySiren said...

Cicily, I'll definitely check out your retreat!! Thanks for visiting my blog. =) I would've gotten back to you sooner, but I've been sick. I hope you return. =)

Since writing's your bag, you might be interested in my other blog: Prompt Romp.

And yes, there are points. I should probably figure out what they're redeemable for. Most of what I have to give away (like Helium invites or guest blogging), I would do for free. hmmm

I could give away slightly crappy fan art or pictures of sunsets I (attempt to) paint with my drawing tablet.

lol I'll have to think about some more appealing prizes.

AmberInGlass said...

Fanart and sunset pictures do it for me! What's my running total? ;-P Hope you feel better soon.

PrettySiren said...

lol I don't know. I'll have to calculate at a later time. My head is fuzzy.